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Lewin Funeral Home has been serving the Fremont area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



Grandparents Alvin and Pearl Lewin

Phil and Bonnie Lewin

Jenny and Doug Ehrenberg

The story of Lewin Funeral Home is about family. It’s about decades of hard work and dedication with one common purpose: to provide professional and personalized services to friends and neighbors throughout the Fremont community and surrounding areas.

Alvin Lewin started his career in 1937 when he joined Wm. Bauer & Sons Furniture Store and Funeral Home. He worked with owner, Irv Bauer, until Irv’s retirement in 1956 and was then named General Manager when the business transferred ownership to Irv’s nephew, Ross Bauer. In 1967, Alvin and his wife, Pearl, purchased the furniture store and funeral home eager to continue the tradition started by the Bauer’s in the early 1900’s. While the business took on the new name of Lewin Furniture Store and Funeral Home, the commitment to the community remained unchanged.

An unexpected illness brought the Lewin’s son, Phil, back to Fremont in 1968. A graduate of the Wisconsin Institute of Mortuary Science, Phil had begun his own career as a funeral director with Voth/Anderson Funeral Home in Milwaukee. But family came first, and Phil returned to Fremont full-time to take on the responsibility of operating the furniture store and funeral home while Alvin recovered. He never left.

When Phil married his wife, Bonnie, in 1972, she also joined the business. And in 1976, they purchased it from Alvin and Pearl to become sole owners.

In 1997, Phil and Bonnie’s daughter, Jenny, returned to Fremont to work with her mom and dad in the business. With one more addition to the family, Jenny’s husband Doug followed in 1999. Both had spent the early years of their careers as funeral directors with Krause Funeral Home in Milwaukee. Phil, Bonnie, Jenny and Doug all remained active in the furniture store until it closed its doors on June 30, 2019. And in October, 2019, Jenny and Doug purchased Lewin Funeral Home from Phil and Bonnie.

Many years have passed. Many familiar faces have been a part of this small town, family-owned business. We are proud of the legacy created by those who have come before us. And we are committed to carrying on this legacy for many years to come by serving families with the highest level of integrity and compassion.

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